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Why Hilmuc

1. We take time to understand our client’s need and tailor make solutions aimed at maximizing business revenue.
2. We provide a thorough and pragmatic induction for your newly joined sales team to set them up for success in their jobs.
3. We assess organizations against best practice benchmarks and build capacity plans to achieve improved sales performance and revenue growth.
4. We build capability for sales employees through training, on the job coaching and performance management.
5. We reduce the pain of clients hiring and managing front line sales staff by providing third party sales partnering and ensuring revenue growth.


At Hilmuc we transform sales managers into performance igniters

We offer Professional Sales Coaching & Leadership Development. We focus on organizational change and behaviour change.


We Coach your Managers to enable them to ignite, inspire and accelerates change in others. We will Coach your Managers not only track performance and keep score but also change and embed right behavior, mentor and develop future Managers.

At Hilmuc, we Coach your Leaders to Lead, Diagnose and Develop.

1) Lead
We help your sales leadership to embraces an other-centered approach to leadership, and focus on helping each member achieve their personal goals. We train them on how to inspire and mentor the sales representative developing intrinsic desire to change hence better performance.

2) Diagnose
Our Igniter Dashboard helps your sales leadership diagnose the performance gaps for each unique sales role and prescribe the most effective developmental activity to "correct their swing." Unlike generic coaching models, Ignite trains your leaders to distill success down to distinct results-driving behaviors and then architect development processes to help each rep reach their next level of performance.

3) Develop
We teach professional sales coaching that equips managers with the practical skills needed to develop others. Once your managers have learned to diagnose skill gaps and develop solutions, we train them on the sales leadership tactics of inspiring and motivating the sales representatives to heed their guidance. Lasting change happens in one-to-one sessions, not in a workshop. To succeed, managers must learn a repeatable process and key skills for coming alongside their team members.


To Transform your Leader to Performance Igniters


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We look forward to Coach your team and partner in your business growth.


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